Book II: The Last Archer’s Legacy

Archer2An aspiring Archer with an insatiable thirst for both vengeance and justice is in danger of losing herself to the darkness that dwells within…
An alliance of an old enemy and an even older nemesis casts a darkening shadow over an already dimming glimmer of hope…
Inspired by the teachings of the Archer Gideon, Serena Vasperan follows in the footsteps of both her mentor and her father as she continues her struggle against lawlessness, exacting her revenge on the dwindling bands of Brigands she now hunts mercilessly with the aid of two trusted companions: a blacksmith’s son eager to learn the lost skills of the legendary Archers, and a spirited and deadly young woman who is haunted by a sinister secret. But mysterious visions, ill tidings, and the rumored re-emergence of an old adversary cast a shadow over Serena’s quest for justice as she struggles to control both her consuming rage and the powerful new ability she is only just beginning to comprehend.

Can a startling revelation revealed to her by a stranger from the past help guide her back on the path toward redemption and prepare her for a climactic confrontation beyond her darkest imagining?

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