Joanna Faromere

The last of a line of family midwives in the cozy hamlet of Leavesden, Joanna had spent her life ushering in hope in hopeless times. Then one fateful evening she helped deliver a child who would be the only daughter she would ever know, before endowing her to a loving couple of nobility and esteem.
Years later, just when Joanna was finally reunited with Serena though an unexpected twist of the Fates, she would lose her again–this time to a nameless and ageless entity who has stalked Serena since her birth.
But Joanna stubbornly clings to the hope that the young woman she loves like a daughter is not forever lost to her.  And her resolve will be tested in new and unforeseen ways as she is forced to make an unthinkable sacrifice in an attempt to find Serena again.