Book I: The Last Archer of Laummoren

Archer1An aging knight, haunted by his past and driven by an oath he swore long ago, begins to question both his quest and his sanity as he teeters on the brink of suicide…
An eager and intelligent young noblewoman lives in the shadow of a growing and sinister threat and struggles with her own troubled past as she seeks a new calling…
The Archer Gideon, the last of a line of noble guardians, stumbles upon what he believes to be his last chance at redemption—if he agrees to forsake his quest and serve as protector to the Lady Serena Vasperan, the daughter of a determined nobleman who is the last holdout against a mysterious and merciless land baron who will stop at nothing to rule his domain with an iron fist. Torn between the ghosts from his past and the promise of a hopeful future, the Archer Gideon finds more than a renewed sense of purpose in the young noblewoman; he discovers a kindred spirit who just might prove to be the unlikely heir to a legacy that will otherwise die with him.

He also learns that salvation rarely comes without a price.

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