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Now also available in the iTunes Bookstore and at Barnes and Noble.

To commemorate the completion of the Last Archer trilogy and the 10th anniversary of the publication of the first book, I decided to update the cover art slightly to give them a better shelf appearance, and I shaved a few dollars off the prices.

Here are the new slightly updated cover designs (click on each thumbnail for a larger view):

You can find the updated paperbacks with the Kindle versions here:
The Last Archer of Laummoren (book 1)
The Last Archer’s Legacy (book 2)
The Last Archer’s Return (book 3)

And, of course, the ebook versions are also available at Smashwords.

Thank you again to anyone and everyone who bothers to read this blog and/or my books.  Your support and encouragement means more than you know…


eBooks at Amazon and Smashwords (paperback coming to Amazon soon)