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After far too many years, the first draft of The Last Archer’s Return–the final book in the series–is finally completed.

I’ve been editing and proofreading it throughout the writing process, so I hope to have a final version available soon.

The words did not always come easily for me–in fact, quite the opposite at times; but I knew it was something that I couldn’t rush.  And, thankfully, the inspiration to finish it came when it did.

Many thanks to anyone and everyone who has expressed their interest and offered encouragement as I struggled to finish this book.  I wrote it for you as much as I wrote it for myself, and I hope it will be worth the wait for you if and when you read it.


Book III: The Last Archer’s Return

The heir to the legacy of the last Archer of Laummoren wandering lost and languishing in a purgatorial netherworld…
Her ally and self-proclaimed guardian chasing rumor and myth to find what might be the key to reuniting him with his beloved…
The woman who stubbornly clings to the hope that she will be someday reunited with the only daughter she has ever known…
A new yet strangely familiar threat that seems to hold all the cards in a deadly and climactic game…
After a fateful confrontation at the mystical crossroads, Serena Vasperan has mysteriously vanished and appears to be beyond rescue. Meanwhile, the provinces continue to descend into chaos and lawlessness without their self-proclaimed champion. Wounded, despondent, and heartsick for his lost Serena, Cade Seagram embarks on a last-ditch effort to find the rumored Necromancer who might be his only hope for finding Serena. All while Joanna Faromere keeps the torch of hope lit in spite of the ever-growing hopelessness that would extinguish it.
Can Cade or Joanna find Serena in time for her to fulfill her destiny handed down to her by her father and mentor before the nameless and ageless agent of chaos can wield its most powerful weapon against them?

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