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According to the old myths, Sagittarius the Archer—who appears in the sky as a constellation—once was engaged in a battle with Kronos, the God of Time. During the battle, Sagittarius shot seven arrows made of starlight that fell to Earth; arrows rumored to have magic powers. Three were found by good men, three by wicked men. Each side desperately searched for the missing seventh arrow to tip the balance of power in their favor. During the long search that lasted for decades, the six magic arrows were used by each side against the other until, eventually, all six arrows were destroyed along with their keepers. And still the seventh arrow remained lost. And the longer it stayed unfound, the more powerful it grew. Powerful enough, it was rumored, that it could affect the speed and direction of time itself.

It was then believed that the missing seventh arrow was finally discovered more recently by an unnameable force of chaos—some believe an agent of Kronos, others believe a demon of some kind. And this evil entity is using the power of this last Arrow of Time to accelerate discord as part of its plan to bring about the end of the world as we know it.

Legend also has it that an archer would arise one day with the bravery and cunning to take back the arrow as its rightful keeper and restore the natural order to our world. This mysterious archer has been described as:

As swift and true as the arrow flies,
With aim as keen as an eagle’s eyes.
As gallant and wise as a king,
With wits as sharp as the arrow’s sting.