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I created a new website for my Last Archer trilogy.  While I put in a lot of effort with the previous version (including teaching myself how to create rudimentary Flash animations), and even though I was proud of how it turned out, it was starting to show its age.  And because it was Flash-based, it was almost useless on iOS devices.

So, in an effort to stay at least somewhat current and relevant, I updated to a WordPress-based site.  The URL is still the same: but the site is cleaner looking and easier to navigate — and it is more mobile device-compatible now.

I also included some preliminary artwork that I’m considering for The Last Archer’s Return.

So, if you get a chance to take a look and let me know what you think–

It took far longer than I’d hoped, but tonight I finally finished a rough draft of part one of The Last Archer’s Return, the final book in the trilogy I’ve started. Like the other volumes that have preceded this one, there will be three parts and probably an epilogue.

So, to view this modest accomplishment in a positive light, I am approximately 33 1/3% closer to completing this book.

And I even finished it a week before my April 30th deadline (postponed from my original December 31st, 2014 deadline–which was postponed from a previous deadline).

Now I need to let what I’ve written so far percolate a bit and set my sights on where I want part two to go.  If I can keep up this pace, I hope to finish this book by the end of 2015.  Wish me luck!