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I am still working on The Archer’s Legacy, the sequel to The Last Archer of Laummoren–but it has been slow due to a lack of time, mainly, but also difficulty in finding where the story wants to lead me.

I read somewhere that someone described writing a book as driving at night where you can only see as far ahead as your headlight beams.  Fortunately, I’ve been able to make incremental progress here and there, and I think I can see a little further ahead down the road now.

And it’s a good feeling.  I hope those beams keep lighting my way…

As a last-ditch effort, I sent one final email to Variance Publishing a few weeks ago to see if they were still interested in working with me to publish The Last Archer of Laummoren.  I hadn’t received any correspondence from them since before the holidays–even though I’d been promised a contract.  But, surprisingly, I did receive a response this time, again with the promise of a contract–except this time with a firm deadline of February 1st.

So hope has been restored–for the moment, at least.  And I’m hoping to not be disappointed this time.