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Thanks to a much-needed kick in the ass by my best friend, I am making additional progress on The Archer’s Legacy, the sequel to The Last Archer of Laummoren.  Jay Bernstein, who–in addition to being my best friend since eighth grade–has been one of my most ardent supporters of my writing.  So, naturally, he has been periodically asking me about how the sequel is coming.  I’ve admitted to him that it’s been slower than I’d hoped, and he’s been sympathetic about how difficult it can be at times to find the time and/or motivation to write.  Earlier this week, I forced myself to sit down at my desk one evening, committing only to re-reading what I’d already written, in the hopes that I would find some inspiration/motivation by doing so, and I discovered to my surprise that I was quite pleased with the first chapter of my admittedly rough draft.  So, I emailed a copy of it to Jay, not only to get his feedback, but as proof that a rough draft does exist (even though he’s never expressed any doubts to that effect).

“Hallelujah” was his response–which could not have been more rewarding or motivating for me.  His excitement over a mere chapter was exactly the incentive I needed to push forward.  And I did.  I’ve read through and tweaked the entire first part of the book and I am pleased with the results.  I am now about halfway through editing the partially completed second part of the book–though this will require more exhaustive editing, I suspect.

Anyway…  Thank you, Jay, for your enthusiasm and encouragement.  It is appreciated more than you know…