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I created a new website for my Last Archer trilogy.  While I put in a lot of effort with the previous version (including teaching myself how to create rudimentary Flash animations), and even though I was proud of how it turned out, it was starting to show its age.  And because it was Flash-based, it was almost useless on iOS devices.

So, in an effort to stay at least somewhat current and relevant, I updated to a WordPress-based site.  The URL is still the same: but the site is cleaner looking and easier to navigate — and it is more mobile device-compatible now.

I also included some preliminary artwork that I’m considering for The Last Archer’s Return.

So, if you get a chance to take a look and let me know what you think–

Added “Like” and “Tweet” buttons to the website–check it out:

Website Updates

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On the webite, I added a link to this blog from the “About the Author” page, and I also added a “Skip Intro” button to take the user straight to the map menu.  Changes I’ve been considering making for quite some time.  I think both minor modifications are notable improvements.  Comments are welcome, of course…