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From Wikipedia: “In Greek legend the asphodel is one of the most famous of the plants connected with the dead and the underworld.”

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I’ve begun part two of The Last Archer’s Return along with a more concerted effort to revise and improve part one.

That’s it.  Nothing too exciting, but progress is still progress.

I’m hopeful that I’m past the worst of the writer’s block now.

I’m also hopeful that I didn’t jinx things by being hopeful about having surmounted that bout of writer’s block. *sigh*

I hadn’t intended to wait this long to continue working on The Last Archer’s Return, but–as is often the case–life sometimes gets in the way, and my muse (that naughty minx) can be frustratingly elusive at times.

But, for reasons I don’t entirely understand, I was suddenly struck with an idea for one of the book’s characters on my drive home from work today.  And this idea seemed to have a domino effect of sorts, triggering other ideas that started to bring a cohesiveness to the story that had been previously lacking.  Hopefully I can keep this momentum going a little longer to start writing part two of the book (which I’d hoped to have finished at the end of July–oops).

Wish me luck–I’ll need all I can get.


It took far longer than I’d hoped, but tonight I finally finished a rough draft of part one of The Last Archer’s Return, the final book in the trilogy I’ve started. Like the other volumes that have preceded this one, there will be three parts and probably an epilogue.

So, to view this modest accomplishment in a positive light, I am approximately 33 1/3% closer to completing this book.

And I even finished it a week before my April 30th deadline (postponed from my original December 31st, 2014 deadline–which was postponed from a previous deadline).

Now I need to let what I’ve written so far percolate a bit and set my sights on where I want part two to go.  If I can keep up this pace, I hope to finish this book by the end of 2015.  Wish me luck!

My late New Year’s resolution for 2015 is to finally finish the third and final book in the “Last Archer” series by the end of this year.

I’d hoped to have The Last Archer’s Return completed in December of 2014, but life seems to keep getting in the way and draining me of inspiration and motivation. And while it does seem that my muse has indeed forsaken me, I’ve decided to not let that hold me back anymore.

I’m almost a third of the way through a rough draft–with high hopes of completing the second third before summer, and then a final sprint to the finish line before the holidays.

Wish me luck!

Last night I discovered a post on my Facebook page from someone in Illinois who had read the first two books and was wondering when the next book was coming.

I’ve been having a difficult time recently finding the time and the inspiration to write the third book–it hasn’t come as easily as the others. I like to think that the struggle may make it better–because usually no good thing ever comes easy.

As it happens, that simple query posted on Facebook was exactly what I needed to help with my motivation; I managed to add a few hundred words late last night.  And I hope to gain some momentum and write more.

So thank you, generous and kind reader from Illinois who took the time to not only read my books–for which I am extremely grateful… But thank you also for taking the time to contact me. You can’t begin to imagine how much your simple gesture and expression of interest served as motivation for me.

I am still working on The Archer’s Legacy, the sequel to The Last Archer of Laummoren–but it has been slow due to a lack of time, mainly, but also difficulty in finding where the story wants to lead me.

I read somewhere that someone described writing a book as driving at night where you can only see as far ahead as your headlight beams.  Fortunately, I’ve been able to make incremental progress here and there, and I think I can see a little further ahead down the road now.

And it’s a good feeling.  I hope those beams keep lighting my way…